FAQ 2014


Is it possible use two or more Midiface 4x4 at one computer?  

No, because the hardware ID of the Midiface 4x4 is absolut identical and they do not list the additional MIDI ports correct. The computer cannot decide which interface to use.

After the installation there is no I2-Control keyboard in my system.. what is to do?

In some Windows systems, our class compliant keyboard devices are called like this: "USB audio device" or "HuaXing". In your recording software, you should choose this device driver as a MIDI input, then the keyboard will work in your software. 


The keyboard is already installed, but there is no sound.. why?


Our Miditech keyboards are only masterkeyboards without own sounds. You must install a music software and a virtual instrument to get the sounds. Please choose our MIDI keyboard device driver as the MIDI input device, then it will work.


While playing a sound in my DAW software, there is a "delay".. what is to do?


This is not a problem of the MIDI keyboard, it is a problem of your soundcard or your audio interface. In most music software you can use an ASIO driver, which is provided to reduce the latency (delay) of your soundcard. In a fast system you can reduce the latencies to under 10 ms, and you cannot hear the delay anymore.

In the download section of our homepage you can find good working ASIO drivers for the Miditech audio interfaces. The team who developed the Miditech ASIO drivers is a team of specialists, which has developed the drivers for many USB audio interfaces distributed for example by Tascam, Alesis, Numark, Steinberg, Terratec and Yamaha. 

A good working universal ASIO driver, which works with most onboard soundcards, you can find on www.asio4all.de!  


My Miditech keyboard is correctly installed in Windows XP, but I cannot see the driver as a MIDI input in my DAW software. What is the problem?


This is a typical Windows XP fault, when you have a Logitech or Labtec device installed in your system, such as a Webcam etc. The Logitech drivers do not work with the Windows XP class compliant installation, and prevents, that you can see the class compliant driver in your music software.

Normally it works, to de-install the Logitech device, then re-install the MIDI keyboard again on a different USB port, and it will work. After this you can re-install your Logitech device, and both devices will work.


With Windows XP my Midistart keyboard works without driver, with Windows 7 it is not recognized and do not work.


To use the older Midistart, Midistart-2, Midistudio, Midistudio-2 and Midicontrol-2 with Windows 7, it is necessary to change an hardware EPROM which contains the firmware. The easiest way is to use the keyboard via MIDI with a class compliant MIDI interface, like our Midiface 1x1 II. The functionality then will be the same like using the keyboard with USB. 


Do Miditech keyboards work with Linux or Mac?


Primary we developed our keyboards and audio interfaces for the Windows platform. But because they are all "class compliant" now, they will also work with Mac OSX and Linux, for example Ubuntu Linux 10 without drivers.  



You have more questions? Please contact our Email support with the tool on the contact page or directly at: info@miditech.de !