The Midiface 4x4x Thru/Merge is a 64 channel USB MIDI interface with additional stand alone Thru Box and MIDI Merge functions. Here is a 1 IN to 4 Thru ports as well as a 2 IN to 4 OUT merge function are integrated. These can be switched optionally. In USB computer mode the interface works as usual class compliant driverless and integrates itself into the system with 4 MIDI input and 4 MIDI output drivers.

4 IN/ 4 Out USB MIDI Interface
64 MIDI Channels
Perfect MIDI Timing
2 IN-/4 Out Standalone Merge function
1 In-/4 THRU Standalone Thru function
USB powered
Standalone funktion needs an external USB Stromversorgung
Class compliant
Compatible with Windows 11 and Mac OSX