In iOS: i2-mini 32 BT is not displayed at the systems Bluetooth devices, what should I do?

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That’s right, the i2-mini 32 BT is ONLY displayed in the music application, such as Garageband or Logic, after pairing with the iPad and can be used there directly. To use Bluetooth with Apples iOS, Bluetooth must be activated in iOS. The keyboard is NOT displayed in the overview of Bluetooth devices under “Settings” and is therefore not visible there. You have to start the App and can select the keyboard among the MIDI input devices in the App setup. But the App must support Bluetooth MIDI. This works very fast and it doesn’t matter if the keyboard is powered by USB or batteries. Bluetooth runs in every switch position, USB or battery. You don’t have to do anything to pair up, it happens automatically. The blue LED on the back side flickers while pairing and lights permanently if the connection is established – this happens exactly, when you connect the device in your App MIDI setup.