The I2-Mini 32 BT masterkeyboard is a very compact USB masterkeyboard for all musicians, who are looking for a very compact small masterkeyboard which is small enough to take it with you in your hand luggage. Also with its Bluetooth function you do not need any cables to work with Apples iOS.

Of course you can work with USB MIDI, and with a DIN MIDI adaptor you can connect all your standard MIDI equipment. The DIN MIDI adaptor comes with the i2-mini 32 BT keyboard. You will find beside the 32 dynamic minikeys the most important functions in direct access:  Octave +/- buttons, Transpose +/- buttons, Volume slider, Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel are provided with the Miditech I2-Mini 32.

i2-mini 32 keyboard: 32 dynamic keys (F3 – C6)
Octave-buttons up and down with red LED
Transpose Buttons up and down with blue LED
Volume slider
Pitch bend and Modulation wheels
Sustain jack
Transmit MIDI notes on MIDI channel 1
USB MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI, DIn MIDI Out with the adaptor
USB bus powered, no additional AC power adaptor necessary

Optional battery powered with 2 AA Mignon batteries
Dimensions: 46 cm x 13 cm x 5 cm, incl. USB cable, weight 800 g.

Incl. the Miditech free software bundle